Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy

I use a range of approaches including psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing®, EMDR, EFT, spiritual direction, nutritional and wellness counseling, and electrotherapy pain management.


I have worked with Ange for over 10 years in various capacities – couples, individual, and career coaching. During all these periods in my life, Ange has been a consistent source of insight, advice, referral, and just plain comfort. I am in a healthier and happier marriage because of my work with Ange, and I am a more comfortable mother. Overall, I would say I have a much clearer inner voice and a stronger internal compass than I did 10 years ago. From early marriage and motherhood through menopause and the death of a parent, Ange has been a tremendous guide. I count her among my greatest resources, and call her a friend, too.
Lisa Oram