Family Repair For Adult Children and Aging Parents

As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.
~Zachary Scott

Time marches on. Your parents… your siblings…. your adult children won’t be here forever. Nor will you.

And regrets are terrible things to live with.

Working in-person and, if needed, over the phone, I gently but directly facilitate inter-generational dialogue and healing. Together we will repair broken communication and resolve old conflicts so you and members of your family can be at peace with one another – and you can be at peace with yourself.


Dr. Ange is compassionate, smart, highly skilled and simply a 100% wonderful human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough or tout enough the miracle she facilitated transforming me and my highly dysfunctional family into a now loving, emotionally healthy family unit.

Dr. Ange was highly recommended to me when my husband of 18 years died next to me in a tragic car accident. That is how I learned via personal experience that unresolved family issues are exacerbated by grief. Dr. Ange worked with me to help me grapple not only with my grief, but also my old issues of deep abandonment and painful insecurity that had become heightened due to my intense grief.

In addition, I was also petrified of living my life “alone.” Dr. Ange helped me feel good about myself and gave me the tools I needed to transform the way I viewed and handled my life.

After working with Ange for a few years, I noticed that some of my family members had begun changing a wee bit due to both the changes occurring within me and the improved ways I was learning from Ange re how to handle the old, familiar, hurtful issues displaced onto me by my family.

In fact, enough changes were occurring that my family members became receptive to the idea of a family healing session facilitated by Ange. Ange briefly worked with each of the members of my family individually and then facilitated a comprehensive meeting of all family members so that we each could “air” our old issues in a healthy format, resolve them and begin to move on to a new healthier, happier chapter in the life of my family.

Today some family members who did not speak to each other for more than 20 years now have caring relationships with each other. My 87 year old mother who did not have a relationship with several of her grandchildren now enjoys their friendship and love. I remain single but because of my work with Ange, I am empowered, have created a fulfilling life for myself and now also have loving support from my family members.

Also by the way, Ange worked with my family members and me over 4 different states, via both phone and in person! She truly is an amazing life transition and family healing coach.

You deserve to live every day feeling fully alive and happy! If you would like to transform your life for the better, and if you would like to also transform your family dynamics – let Dr. Ange be your guide!

Suffering is no longer my constant companion. Gratitude and Joy are, thanks to my work with Dr. Ange. From my heart, I wish the same for you and yours!

Irene Weinberg