Coaching/ Mentoring/ Advocacy

Is Coaching Right for You?

  • You feel stuck
  • You need perspective and support to achieve a personal or professional goal
  • You’re dealing with an immediate or chronic health crisis
  • You’ve been told you need to lose weight and exercise but find it hard to do either
  • You’re operating on perpetual overwhelm with no end in sight

Not every person or situation requires traditional long-term psychotherapy.

People seeking coaching are looking for support, tools, assignments, accountability, and where appropriate, hands-on advocacy to deal with a specific situation.

Coaching Specialties:

  • Dealing with a new or chronic health or medical crisis such as fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, or cancer
  • Nutritional and other self-care coaching
  • Overcoming writers block, impostor syndrome, and procrastination
  • Overcoming limiting effects of ADD and ADHD to become more productive, focused, and successful in work and life
  • Navigating career and other major work/life transitions
  • Mentoring for youth who need help choosing a major or career, finishing school work, or successfully entering and functioning in the work world


Ange’s coaching helped me gain confidence, get comfortable with my own ambition and achieve goals I had long put off. Thanks to Ange, I am making money at work that I love. Every freelancer, entrepreneur or solo practitioner should have an Ange. No – change that – every person should have an Ange.
Cathy McNally – writer, performer and trainer